Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Play with me!!/Leikimunkaa!!

2008, oil on canvas 40x40 

 I got inspired by a picture that I saw in a fashion magazine (don't ask what magazine that was, I can't remember). The pose of a model in that picture was just awesome. It was irritating and same time playful and funky.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Solve the riddle soon, Nancy Drew!/Ratkaisun hetki lähenee, Neiti Etsivä!

2008, oil on canvas 40x40

 It is tickling and exciting to make decisions that will have an effect to your whole life and change it forever. I love changes.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cure me/Lääkitse minua

2008, oil on canvas 40x40

I've been told about hundred times that I'm like Scarlet O'Hara from the movie Gone with the Wind. I am strong, stubborn, determined, assertive and even difficult circumstances I stay calm and know what to do. BUT in relationship I have a tendency to act fragile, weak and vulnerable woman who needs to be rescued. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009


2008, oil on canvas 40x40 

After I did "expecting company?" I kinda got stuck to paint bottles again. It was so much fun and relaxing to paint them. To be honest, when I started to paint this I have this vision of a lonely bottle with greenish backround and nothing else. And so I executed my vision... but it didn't work. I usually have so strong visions what I'm going to paint and when this idea didn't seem to work, I was kinda shocked. Then because of this reaction I started to laugh at my silliness and started to plan different kind of stuff with this bottle. First idea was ants climbing to the bottle and then came a surrealistic idea of little woman pulling the bottle down with a rope. So I think this little woman is me (again) and this bottle represent my frustration with this painting ;)

Expecting company?/Seuraa vailla?

2008, oil on canvas 40x54, 

on commission, in private collection

There are three colours and one white in this port wine composition. Only burnt sienna, crimson, brussian blue and titanium white in palette.

There's something about shape of a bottle. I have painted and drawn bottles since I was a child. So no need to decode any indications of alcoholism from my art :) Like I said there's something about shape of a bottle. Can't really tell what that thing is why I love bottles, I don't only paint and draw them, I also use them to decorate my apartment.  Bottles are usually very beautiful, round and because they are made of glass they are fragile, like people I guess. 

Monday, October 19, 2009

Inner goddess/Luulin pitkään, että olen jumalatar

2008, oil on canvas 81x100

Brush in my hand and my tongue-in-cheek ;) Reference naturally from Botticelli's masterpiece The birth of Venus. 

There lives more or less a little goddess, queen or a princess in every woman.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Miss spring and the early appearance/Neiti kevät saapui varhain

2008, oil on canvas 81x65 

Spring came really early in 2008. At least in Finland it did. In fact there was no proper winter in Finland that year, quite warm and hardly any snow.

The misfit/Sopeutumaton

2008, oil on canvas 55x46

Sometimes you just don't belong.

Before the conflict/Hetki ennen konfliktia

2008, oil on canvas 35x27

What I hate more than anything in a world or in people is injustice. When I see someting that isn't just right, I'll fight. In that way I think I am a revolutionary but in a nonviolent sense.

Dancing on the edge/Tanssia hiuskarvan varassa

2008, oil on canvas 60x73

I love dancing. It has always been one of my greatest passions in life. It helps to deal with different kinds of emotions from joy to despair or sorrow even. It's also a fun way to keep in shape. 

I'm generally speaking very optimistic person. It doesn't mean I don't realise facts when things are looking bad, it just mean I always think that things are going to be ok. I don't get depressed  easily, when something unpleasant happens I usually feel down for one night and when a new day dawns I remember that I have eight lives left ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From dust/Maasta

2007, oil on canvas 70x95

Waiting for a cup of coffee/Kahvia odotellessa

2006, oil on canvas 40x50

In private collection

Two colours and one white. Only burnt sienna, prussian blue and titanium white in palette.
What can I say... I really LOVE coffee. By the time it meant several cups in a day. Now I haven't drank it for six months. I replaced it with green tea, because it's healthier =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bare disfigured/Rujo alaston

2006, oil and charcoal on canvas

Drama Queen

2006, oil on canvas

One part of my self-portrait. The other part is called Blue. Both of them reflect different sides of my personality. As the Blue reflects some kind of shyness and introverted side of me, this Drama Queen is total opposite of that. 

This Drama Queen is an extrovert, bold, cheery and dares to do whatever she wants to. Life is a big show to her and she's the brightest star. She is vital and she helps and supports all the weak ones. She has such passion that she can be burning like a sand of Sahara.

Autumn leaves

2006, oil on canvas

Leaves are so colourful and beautiful in autumn. But it can also mean the time when some are leaving their families and some are planning to leave something else. I love wordplays! <3

Global warming/Ilmaston lämpeneminen

2006, oil on canvas

This subject is really close to my heart but I see things a bit differently than many other. I have written my thoughts into my other blog, but unfortunately it's in Finnish.

Lue ajatuksiani ilmaston lämpenemisestä toisessa blogissani. [kirjoitukseen pääset klikkaamalla tätä]

Mother nature

2005, oil on canvas

Vital, spontaneus but prudent, explosive, fertile and nurturing. Trees and people have so many similarities for example roots and they both are trying to reach up to the skies.

Aurochs/Jotain alkukantaista

2005, oil on canvas

In private collection

A modern cave painting and a modern caveman ;)

Destination nowhere/Matkalla jonnekin

2005, oil and paper on canvas

Sometimes life is just drifting and sometimes you have to escape from things or places. Then you'll have to plan your whole life all over again and start from almost nothing. 

Lady behind the mask: Blue

2004, oil on canvas.

This is sort of self-portrait, or at least one part of it, like a reverse side of a coin. Other part of this self-portrait is called Drama Queen

This blue is kind of a loner, a traveller of her own path. She is an introvert, shy, very vulnerable and calm as a desert of Lapland. She is bare, disfigured and has a bad posture. She writes poems and keeps them hidden in her drawer and in her dreams she always escapes.

Diva at the catwalk/Diiva catwalkilla

2004, oil on canvas

Quick one in Picasso's footsteps ;)

Mal de tête

2004, oil on canvas


Sometimes you have this feeling somebody's poking your head with wooden sticks ;)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Few words about my paintings

I paint what I see and feel. Usually those "little women" that I paint are a reflection of me but I can see no reason why they have to look like me. I don't have that kind of fixation of my looks like for example Frida Kahlo did have. I like to observe things that are going on in our society and you can also find those features in my paintings.

My tools are brushes, oil colours, sometimes charcoal, acrylic or ink and a hint of self-irony.

I'm very interested in people and human behavior but sometimes I paint compositions or landscapes even.

Hope you enjoy!


ps. feel free to bitch about my grammar errors! I would appreciate it :)